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On-Demand App Deployment
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"On-Demand App Deployment"

Automation helps IT teams deploy applications 87% faster, discover how this is possible.

The window for capitalizing on innovation and opportunity continues to shrink, which means speed is now a competitive differentiator for business. With VMware and Sirius you can automate the provisioning, deployment, and configuration of the entire application stack, including the underlying networking components, at the speed business needs to stay ahead of the competition.

  1. Dramatically reduce the time needed to fully deploy applications.
  2. Cut the total application provisioning time from weeks to minutes. Yes, the entire multi-tier application environment including networking and security services.
  3. Flexibly automate the applications and infrastructure you need, choose what makes sense. You can provision virtual networking and security from scratch, or use what’s already in place, or only automate a portion of the process (like load balancing as-a-service).
Faster deployments, consistent security, ready to be optimized at scale across your environment.

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